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[F_minor] GlennGould 13: 2 Fall 2008 Now available

With the culmination of its Year of Glenn Gould celebrations, GlennGould
magazine is pleased to announce the release of its Fall 2008 issue.

GlennGould Vol. 13, No. 2 (Fall 2008) ? Articles include:

How Mozart Became a Bad Composer: A television program by Glenn Gould
Transcript of a television program Gould made for American public television
in 1968 but that was subsequently ?lost? until rediscovered last year.

Mozart: A Personal View... Glenn Gould in conversation with Bruno
Conversation between Gould and the filmmaker Bruno Monsaingeon, used in 1979
as liner notes for his boxed set of Mozart?s complete sonatas but never
before reprinted.

Glenn Gould Remixed: An "Acoustic Choreography" for Scriabin?s Piano Sonata
No. 5 by Paul Théberge
An exciting article (based on a lecture) on one of Gould?s most interesting
and innovative recording techniques; exclusive to GlennGould.

Glenn Gould in Performance: A Documentary History?Part 3, 1947-1950
Continuation of our account of Gould?s career as a concert, recording, and
broadcasting performer, told through archival facsimiles and commentary.

A Romance on Three Legs: Glenn Gould?s Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Piano
(excerpts) by Katie Hafner

New books in English and French

The 2008 Glenn Gould Prize: José Antonio Abreu
Report on the 2008 Glenn Gould Prize laureate: the Venezuelan musician,
economist, educator, and politician José Antonio Abreu, the founder of the
Fundación del Estado para el Sistema Nacional de las Orquestas Juveniles e
Infantiles de Venezuela (Foundation of the National System of Youth and
Child Orchestras of Venezuela), popularly known as ?El Sistema.?


GlennGould Magazine is a semi-annual magazine that offers an amazing view
into the world of the legendary Canadian pianist, writer, composer, and
broadcaster Glenn Gould (1932-1982). The magazine will intrigue you with
never-before-published texts by Gould, essays, scripts for radio and
television, program notes, lectures, interviews, humour, as well as letters,
diaries, and other private writings.

The magazine publishes a wide range of articles about Gould, too, as well as
articles that touch only indirectly on Gould but deal with issues that were
important to him or that broaden our understanding of his life, work, and
thought. The magazine also offers documentary history in the form of
reprinted reviews, profiles, and other biographical texts from Gould?s own
lifetime, and offers reviews of new books, recordings, broadcasts,
conferences, and so on?keeping track of the expanding industry around Gould.

Every issue is overflowing with photographs and facsimiles of concert
programs, album covers, compositional manuscripts, workings papers,
juvenilia, and other archival documents.

Be part of the legacy of this world renowned musician.

For more information, please contact
University of Toronto Press ? Journals Division
5201 Dufferin Street Toronto, ON M3H 5T8 Canada
Tel: (416) 667-7810        Fax: (416) 667-7881     Toll Free Fax! (800)
 <mailto:journals@utpress.utoronto.ca> journals@utpress.utoronto.ca
<http://www.utpjournals.com/> www.utpjournals.com
 <http://www.utpjournals.com/gg/gg.html> GlennGould Magazine Online
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