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Re: [F_minor] Keith Jarrett's Goldberg Variations

I wonder what the response would be if Gould had recorded the Goldbergs on
a harpsichord. Rather different I suspect.

Didn't he record some Handel or something on a harpsichord? He must of had
an opinion about the relevance of baroque instruments in the modern age.
Anyone aware of the great GG's stance?

In Gould's letters and essays, he made it clear that he had NO interest in playing historically accurate harpsichords. [Or with any historically sensitive techniques to handle one, I'd add.] He chose to play a friend's Wittmayer(*) harpsichord specifically because it was the most like a piano that he could find. And Gould was more interested in its touch than its tone.

(*) A mid-20th-century factory-produced model, the kind for organists and pianists to dabble with instead of taking harpsichord lessons....

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