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Re: [F_minor] Keith Jarrett's Goldberg Variations

Sent my query to a few other folks, and got this back from harpsichord
builder, sound engineer and jazz buff Yves Feder, who has a website with
lots of beautiful harpsichord photos at



[Tatsuo Takahashi is] A very decent builder, there in Japan. Nice sound. I
know the recording. I don?t like either the miking of the instrument
though, or [Jarrett's] very idiosyncratic playing, which is too bad as he?s
a brilliant pianist?.. his jazz improvs are stupendous, and his
Shostakovich preludes and fugues (on the piano) are terrific.

But speaking as a harpsichord person now JJ I haven?t heard one single set
of Goldbergs recorded on the harpsichord by anyone -? and there are tons -?
that can hold a candle to either of the Glenn Gould versions, or the piano
version recorded about ten years ago by Russian pianist Ekaterina
Derzhavina. (I don?t remember if you heard her at Yale last fall)


It was based on that recording that E.D. was brought over by Yale!!!

Back into her life in Moscow, basically unknown in the US, but believe me
I?ve heard lots of Goldbergs out there and since Gould there isn?t anything
to compare.

As for Takahashi, his stuff is definitely ?state of the art? but Jarrett?s
Goldbergs are sumpin? else -? virtuosic to be sure, but?.sumpin? else -?
virtuosic to be sure, but?.

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