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[F_MINOR] Hey! This one's ON TOPIC! [was:] Re: [F_MINOR] Surely this is The Mother of All OTs (and don't call meShirley)

Mozart. The album with the excuisite gentle painting of the bluebird. But only tracks with loud humming. Can't you hear it? The dude is in rapture, transport, ecstacy. So am I.
One of our more knowledgeable and perceptive f_minorites, an Italian woman, long ago solved the mystery of why GG hated Mozart. It wasn't the music.
"Mozart, he was the hedonist!" (And Glenn, he was a bit of the Puritan.)
btw I could use a little help from her or any other Italiano/Italiana today, soon, pronto, grazie.
GG's-Mozart-lovin' Bob
P.S. Y'all come down to my neck of the woods any old time. During the French and Indian War, my neighborhood was the bloodiest river valley on Earth for a century. We got black powder militia and cannon re-enactments comin' out the whizwhang. (e-mail ahead so I can check the Massacre Nostalgia Calendar.)
And -- this is an authentic heartbreaker -- catch the annual Blackwatch Retreat at Fort Ticonderoga while you can. Those *$$^)(*#)&s in the Blair cabinet are about to extinct the Highlands Regiments, kilt, dirk, sporran, pipes and all, and homogenize them into the regular British Army. (The Highlands Regiments are no longer Cost-Effective and have become a drain and diversion on modern British defence requirements. Don't have e-mail, but snailmail to share your feelings is No. 10 Downing Street, London.)
The Blackwatch served, sacrificed and died at Ticonderoga twice: French and Indian War, and then a return engagement (by unpopular demand) during our War for Independence. Serving Blackwatch soldiers return to this fort every year to honor their fallen comrades from so long ago.
Ethan Allen (possibly screwier than Screamin Jay Hawkins) and the Green Mountain Boys captured Fort Ticonderoga from them in a brilliant pre-dawn raid. At around 5 am he banged very loudly on the commander's door and screamed:
"In the name of the Great Jehovah, and the Continental Congress, I order you to surrender!"
The commander, in his nightshirt at the time, promptly did. It is a WONDERFUL Retreat -- particularly if your Inner Child never grew an Outer Adult. Much black powder, many fiendish-looking nearly naked Savages, subjects of le Roi du France being marched around in chains, etc.
If we missed the last Blackwatch Retreat already, don't tell me. I don't want to know. Otherwise, wear a GG t-shirt so I'll recognize you.
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OH Man, that is the funniest email I've seen in way too long.  Thanks for brightening up my computer screen.  You have my blessings to post these zanies from time to time.  Sort of gives us something nice to smile about.
My favourite thrill fantasy would be to shoot a Civil War rifle, something like a Winchester.  I'm a really big Civil War fan and the re-enactors just give me the goosebumps when they strut their stuff.  If anyone is up Toronto way, there is a Civil War weekend with the re-enactors in July.  Last year in July I was down in Gettysburg and spent a few days in bliss.
And to close off for now, I wanted to ask Bob what his favourite Gould [interpreted] composer is? Bach? Beethoven? Gibbons? Haydn? Other?
This has been fun.
Fred Houpt

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