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GG: arrowroot biscuits

I hear GG loved arrowroot biscuits.
You find the name "arrowroot"in the episode
of the legendary recording session
of the Goldberg Variations in 1955:

"For sustenance he munched arrowroot biscuits, 
drank skimmed milk, frowned on the recording 
crew's Hero sandwiches."(Coumbia press release,
cf. Otto Friedrich, p.51, l.22)

In 1995, when David Young came to Tokyo for 
the Japanese premiere of his play *Glenn*,   
I asked him to buy and bring as much 
arrowroot biscuits as possible. And he did.  
He gave me many boxes of
"Mr. Christie's Arrowroot Biscuits"
(yellow boxes with a smiling face of naked 
baby printed).

I ate some of them (really delicious!), 
and served many of them to the audiences of 
the play at the teather.  
Everyone was glad to try the Gouldian food.

1. Is Mr.Christie's Arrowroot the one GG used to have?
    (Are there any other brands of arrowroot?)
2. Is it available all over Canada?  Famous food?
   What about in the US?
3. Do you know any shop in Canada at which I can 
   purchase the arrowroot far away from Tokyo?