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FW: GG: arrowroot biscuits

John P. Hill replied to me re. the arrowroot biscuits
*off* the list.
With his permission, here I post his reply:

From: 	John P. Hill
Sent: 	Monday, December 30, 1996 5:50 AM
To: 	Junichi Miyazawa
Subject: 	Re: GG: arrowroot biscuits

Hi, Junichi:

Re:  Arrowroots
I believe it's a Canadian phenomenon.  Growing up in southern Ontario

(about 60 miles southwest of Toronto) I too loved to munch on Arrowro
With regard to your questions:

1.  I think that Christie's *is* the only company to market Arrowroot
    They may have trademarked the name.
2.  They are well-known in Ontario and I would assume that Christie's

    distributes them across Canada.  I doubt that they are available
    here in the U.S. (I'm in Nashville), but I'll have a look next ti
    I'm at the supermarket.
3.  You might search the Web to see if either Christie's or Loblaw's
    has a site from which you could order these cookies.  Loblaw's is

    a large food chain based (I think) in Toronto.  I'm sure they sel
    *lots* of Arrowroots buscuits.

Happy snacking.  I think most people who grew up in Ontario have fond

childhood memories of Arrowroots and cold milk!

Best regards,

John Hill
Dept. of Recording Industry, Box 21
Middle Tennessee State University
Murfreesboro, TN  37132


After the mail, he also told me to 
"try Zehr's markets 
(they are owned by Loblaw's)
in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario".

Now I try the search for arrowroot biscuits.
I will post a report when I find a way to purchase them.
Thank you John.


Junichi, Tokyo / junichi_miyazawa@msn.com