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Re: GG: Ravel's La Valse

At 10:42 PM 12/23/96 +0800, Yeo Siew Lian wrote:
>Hello all,
>	I was just wondering if GG's transcription of Ravel's _La Valse_ has ever
>been published (I'm new on the list, so please excuse my ignorance).  If
>so, would anyone know where I can order it from ? Thanks in advance !
I asked the very same question a few weeks ago and the consensus was that it
had never been published but that some written form of it may exist in the
GG archives.  But somebody said that it was really a transcription of a
transcription - precisely as GG says it is; that he takes the Ravel piano
transcription and adds to it.  But precisely what he adds does not seem to
be written down in any easily accessible way.

Leon Le Leu
Currently in Adelaide (Shine city)