[f_minor] A New Home For GG On VHS ?

Anita Monroe rubatoatm at gmail.com
Sun Nov 15 16:40:17 MST 2015

Dear Pat,

I understand not knowing what to do with so many tapes, CD's, videos, etc.
  Since I am older than Our Mary, I'm leaving my GG collection
to her.  The rest of it, including a nice opera collection, I am going to
leave to a music school, probably here in the Carolinas...

Anita the Elderly

On Sun, Nov 15, 2015 at 1:39 PM, Pat <pzumst at bluewin.ch> wrote:

> Dear all
> I am running out of space on that ridiculous Ikea bookshelf, wondering
> what to do with all me books and music.
> One of the items that has been there neglected for far, far too long is a
> set of 11 VHS tapes (yes, remember ?) of The Glenn Gould Collection back
> from the mid / late 90s by Bruno Montsagenon in PAL format.
> I don’t need them anymore, the VCR went kaputt bloody years ago but they
> are of historic significance and afaIk you might get some snippets of stuff
> that is not on the CBC box.
> Yet I cannot bear the thought of throwing them out or just put them up on
> ebay and since I reckon they still might give pleasure to someone I have
> decided to look for a new home and just give them away for naught amongst
> the f_minor crowd.
> Tapes should be in VG+ condition, I doubt that I played all of them more
> than 3 times or so.
> So if you want them just let me know yer snail mail and I will send them
> to you free of charge P&P paid (yet for imports taxes might apply).
> Time to let go – and give these tapes a new resting place where they get
> some love again....
> Pat
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