[f_minor] A New Home For GG On VHS ?

Pat pzumst at bluewin.ch
Sun Nov 15 11:39:55 MST 2015

Dear all

I am running out of space on that ridiculous Ikea bookshelf, wondering what to do with all me books and music.

One of the items that has been there neglected for far, far too long is a set of 11 VHS tapes (yes, remember ?) of The Glenn Gould Collection back from the mid / late 90s by Bruno Montsagenon in PAL format.

I don’t need them anymore, the VCR went kaputt bloody years ago but they are of historic significance and afaIk you might get some snippets of stuff that is not on the CBC box.

Yet I cannot bear the thought of throwing them out or just put them up on ebay and since I reckon they still might give pleasure to someone I have decided to look for a new home and just give them away for naught amongst the f_minor crowd.

Tapes should be in VG+ condition, I doubt that I played all of them more than 3 times or so.

So if you want them just let me know yer snail mail and I will send them to you free of charge P&P paid (yet for imports taxes might apply).
Time to let go – and give these tapes a new resting place where they get some love again....

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