[f_minor] Bringing sexy back...

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Hi all

I would also like to chime in with best wishes for a birthday that will never be celebrated, alas.

Matthew, don’t get me wrong here but I seriously doubt that Mr. Gould would be overly fond of The Uninvited Project.

Now I know that they have good intentions. The idea has been tried before with various degrees of success, Uri Caine and the Goldbergs, Laibach and Die Kunst der Fuge are good examples of well-meant but spectaular faliures or the ReComposed series on DG where some of the interpretations work quite well (Matthew Herbert rearranges Mahler for example)

Yet taking a few loops from a Gould recording and adding dope beats and rhymes is not what Mr. Gould had in mind when he envisioned a future in which the listener would take more control of what we hear and in which context.

I reckon Mr Gould has something more mundane in mind that we all take for granted but unthinkable 50 years ago – The Playlist. Create your own Symphony X with the first movement from source A, the second from source B and so on.

Mashing up stuff, letting it collide with other elements, remixing or rearranging is fine – but when the main source just becomes a background sample and not the main attraction then you have failed.

Sorry lads, maybe next time. But please do keep trying !


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Subject: [f_minor] Bringing sexy back...

While we're celebrating Glenn's 83rd… I simply have to link to this - it’s the best thing I’ve heard in years.

I’m very sure Glenn would have loved this in his own way:


If you liked that, you’ll love the rest of @goulduninvited (this is my favourite https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WsRRBQVP74&sns=tw): 

Rock on Glenn - happy birthday.



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