[f_minor] Glenn Gould's humming

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Anita, I am almost afraid to ask this...it is a silly and ridiculous question, but I have often wondered about this....

Was he humming in tune during that particular performance ?


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I'm a fan of the humming too.  I actually heard him hum in 1959 when he played for a full audience of girls at Winthrop College.  Most of them 
didn't know any Bach and didn't know who that cute guy was.  I was sitting in the second row, could hear the humming, and watched as he
looked rather angrily at the audience.  He was right to feel that way since there was giggling and talking that could easily be heard on the


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  After several years of intense analysis, NASA supercomputers decoded the first message ever received from extraterrestrial intelligence. The message seems to have been a response to encountering our Voyager probe. It said:


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  Keith Jarrett also has a massive problem with coughing and sneezing
  audiences....(while I have a problem with Jarrett as a performer and

  Mr. Gould's humming is rather charming I htink. I might be wrong but I was
  under the impression he was humming rather a lot during those Mozart
  Sonatas. What is that supposed to tell us ?

  and, just in case...you might be one of the Anti-Hummers, 'ere's an old joke
  told so many times on f_minor like  Rob Merkin's NASA Voyager joke...but it
  might be new to the novices....



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  Jazz pianist Keith Jarrett has quite a similar problem with utterances as he
  plays which can be quite annoying.


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    I like the humming too, and it's so interesting that he sometimes sounds
    out of key!

    I noticed that some current classical performers make odd harrumphing
    breathing noises while performing (I witnessed this in a pianist and a conductor)
    and I am wondering if our tolerance for GG's extra sounds on record could have
    encouraged these fellows in this regard. Or has it become a fashionable
    eccentricity to exhibit such noises? In both instances I found it curious
    yet unappealing; in the case of the conductor, I left early!!!

    Regarding a previous comment about GG's editing his work, my impression was that
    he defended the right to edit and loved to play at it for fun to demonstrate a point
    but in reality he actually didn't edit his pieces much...at the most tacking on a different
    beginning or ending now and then, or replacing a bad note. Anyone agree?



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