[f_minor] GG - The Acoustic Orchestrations - Scriabin & Sibelius

Kevin Bazzana kevinbazzana at shaw.ca
Mon Jul 1 12:13:03 MDT 2013

         Greetings. Just so there's no misunderstanding, I thought I should
reply to this: "How fortunate for you that you knew Glenn." This is not the
case, and I apologize if I gave that impression (though I'm not sure how I
could have done so). Are you perhaps thinking of another biographer, Peter
Ostwald? (He knew GG slightly in the late 1950s, and kept contact with him
occasionally over the next 20 years.) Or Geoffrey Payzant? (He also knew GG,
over a similarly long span.) When GG died, I was 19 and had never heard of
him before, so I quite definitely never knew him personally; I "know" him
only through the magic of Looking Stuff Up. Kevin Bazzana


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