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Thanks Kevin.
It would be wonderful to find that *gem*.

Glenn has been my hero since I was a small boy.
As a child, I played along w/his Inventions recording.
I own every book; biography; CD; video/DVD.
When something new comes out, I buy it.
Of course, I read your bio on Glenn & last night,
while getting over jet lag I enjoyed watching the
How fortunate for you that you knew Glenn.
I wish I could claim the same.

As ever,

On Fri, Jun 28, 2013 at 4:52 PM, Kevin Bazzana <kevinbazzana at shaw.ca> wrote:

>  I can belatedly add a bit of (ultimately frustrating) information to
> Jörgen’s post. He is correct that GG never released “acoustic
> orchestrations” of Scriabin’s *Désir* and *Caresse dansée*, but this
> needs to be clarified: Unlike the Scriabin Fifth Sonata (recorded 1970 in
> New York), *Désir* and *Caresse dansée* were recorded in 1972 in Toronto,
> and they were not recorded using “acoustic orchestration,” just with
> conventional miking. (GG himself released them during his lifetime in the
> *Silver Jubilee Album*, so if they had been recorded using “acoustic
> orchestration” he could have—and certainly would have—released them as
> such.) But during the staged recording session in Monsaingeon’s 1974 TV
> series, he did indeed record *Désir* and *Caresse dansée* using 4 ranks
> of mikes on 8-track tape, and is shown doing a provisional “acoustic
> orchestration” in the studio afterward, with Lorne Tulk. So the question
> is: Where is *that* tape? Where is the multi-track tape GG made in front
> of Monsaingeon’s cameras? I don’t know, and apparently no one else does,
> either. When I was writing my Gould biography, and on some other occasions,
> I have tried to find out—scoured the Canadian national library’s online
> Gould database, inquired with the audio people at the library, asked Lorne
> himself, etc.—but apparently no one knows where this tape is, including
> Théberge, with whom I discussed this; in his liner notes for his Sony
> Classical release, he writes that these tapes “appear to have been lost
> forever.” That seems unlikely and highly uncharacteristic; Gould was such a
> packrat about such things. I persist in believing that the tape survives
> somehow, presumably among his effects in Ottawa, perhaps mislabeled (by him
> or someone else) or otherwise “hiding,” though I am only guessing (and
> hoping) here. Anyway, since the 1974 multi-track TV version of* Désir*and
> *Caresse dansée *is currently lost (forever or otherwise), we have to
> make do with Théberge’s speculative “orchestration” of the 1972 recording.
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