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Mary and Jörgen, I must see if my VHS copies of this material are still alive and playable. Don’t get me wrong here but when I saw them first ages ago I had the impression that Montsagenon was kissing up a bit and trying too hard to please. There was a bit too much slime. But I like to be corrected, time to get up to the attic so see where that VCR is...
Yet Herafter got stuck in my throat indeed. So many missed opportinities in that one...

Let me quickly explain what I meant. Back when Genius Within was available on the PBS website the following brief dialogue took place on my PC. It lasted microseconds but you will get the idea.
My PC: Hi, I am IP . Can I come in ?
PBS Server: Hi, I am IP You may enter, but you are not allowed to watch that GG movie.
My PC: Why not ?
PBS Server: Because the suffix 192 tells me that you are not a US IP and I have been clearly instructed only to allow local IPs in for this specific content. Otherwise feel free to look around, but not this one.
My PC: Well, then...
Yet by switching my IP I could have fooled that server into thinking otherwise. This practice is legal, otherwise those nice people at Google or advertising companies would be out of business soon.. 
OT out

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Pat wrote: 
  Anita, it is possible to get european TV stations outside Europe without a big fuss. www.zattoo.com offers free live TV from various countries via a small app or on their website.
...except here in Australia. Oh, well.

-- Tim


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