[f_minor] GG's Instruments (was Ich ruf zu dir mein Herr..../Voyager)

Karl Brown kbrown at physics.carleton.ca
Tue Feb 28 07:18:24 PST 2012


Molson eh?

Let's up the anti and go with St Ambroise IPA, a great Quebec 
micro-brewery with a healthy selection of great beer. Did I just use the 
words healthy and beer in a single sentence? shame shame on me!

Thank you for your memory.



On 28-Feb-2012 8:26, Pat wrote:
> Hi Karl, list
> Now lemme see what I can come up with from memory...
> Chickering is still in business and apparently advertise their pianos 
> as "in the same style that GG owned", the model he had should be on 
> display in Tornnto. That thing might be in a fragile state given its 
> age. Also on display is the Steinway he used before he rediscovered CD 
> 318, so is the Yamaha he used after CD 318 got sick. The Organ used 
> for Die Kunst der Fuge was destroyed in a fire. CD 318 and his chair 
> are also on display, CD 318 has been played at least on one occasion 
> since GG’s (Mary, I don’t call him Glenn either !) untimely death.
> I bet a sixpack of Molson against a bottle of Poland Water that at 
> least one of these instruments,  presumably CD 318 will be played this 
> year and I also bet the National Library of Canada will have at least 
> one special exibition or event this year where one could have a look 
> at these pianos and much more that mmight usually not be on display. 
> Mind you, GG still is one of the most important and prominet public 
> cultural figures of his country and I doubt they will miss this 
> opportunity for annus mirabilis. We will have to get to the exact 
> implications of annus mirabilis later this year. Let’s hear what is on 
> offer first.
> What about his “harpspiano” or whatever that thing is called ? Have I 
> forgotten any instrument ? Good grief, memory and age....
> Pat
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> Good morning Pat,
> Any idea as to what became of GG's Chickering Piano ?
> Regards,
> Karl


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