[f_minor] GG's Instruments (was Ich ruf zu dir mein Herr..../Voyager)

Pat pzumst at bluewin.ch
Tue Feb 28 05:26:53 PST 2012

Hi Karl, list

Now lemme see what I can come up with from memory...

Chickering is still in business and apparently advertise their pianos as "in 
the same style that GG owned", the model he had should be on display in 
Tornnto. That thing might be in a fragile state given its age. Also on 
display is the Steinway he used before he rediscovered CD 318, so is the 
Yamaha he used after CD 318 got sick. The Organ used for Die Kunst der Fuge 
was destroyed in a fire. CD 318 and his chair are also on display, CD 318 
has been played at least on one occasion since GG’s (Mary, I don’t call him 
Glenn either !) untimely death.

I bet a sixpack of Molson against a bottle of Poland Water that at least one 
of these instruments,  presumably CD 318 will be played this year and I also 
bet the National Library of Canada will have at least one special exibition 
or event this year where one could have a look at these pianos and much more 
that mmight usually not be on display. Mind you, GG still is one of the most 
important and prominet public cultural figures of his country and I doubt 
they will miss this opportunity for annus mirabilis. We will have to get to 
the exact implications of annus mirabilis later this year. Let’s hear what 
is on offer first.

What about his “harpspiano” or whatever that thing is called ? Have I 
forgotten any instrument ? Good grief, memory and age....


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Good morning Pat,

Any idea as to what became of GG's Chickering Piano ?



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