[f_minor] Bach/Busoni continued

Jörgen Lundmark jorgen.lundmark at mypost.se
Mon Feb 27 19:40:30 PST 2012

Hello again :-)

One Bach/Busoni adaptations I would really have liked to have heard 
Gould in is the canonic variations and fugue from "Musical Offering". 
It's an amazing work, which reminds me of "The Art of Fugue". Here's the 
more detailed information:

Kanonische Variationen und Fuge (über das Thema Friedrich des Großen) 
aus J. S. Bach's "Musikalisches Opfer" gezogen und für Klavier 
dargestellt. (BV B 40)
[Canonic Variations and Fugue (on a theme by Frederic the Great) 
extracted from the "Musical Offering" and prepared for piano]
For those looking for the music it's in Bach/Busoni volume 7

Unfortunately there's only one, rather obscure, recoding with the 
Danish/American pianist Gunnar Johansen. Marc-André Hamelin will 
eventually release a CD of it though.

And speaking of Gould and Bach adaptations, I wonder what he would have 
done with Busoni's "Fantasia contrappuntistica"
or for that matter Reger's three-voice (!) version of the inventions -- 
the original voices in the right hand and the pedals, an added free 
voice in the left hand. The latter work is for organ, but I wouldn't 
have complained if Gould had returned to that instrument.


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