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Jörgen Lundmark jorgen.lundmark at mypost.se
Mon Feb 27 19:26:19 PST 2012

Hello all,

Interesting discussion. The Bach-Busoni arrangements (this is what 
Perahia plays -- and I agree that the CD is a treasure!) contains some 
amazing transcriptions, but as far as I know Gould never played any.

So, the rest has nothing to do with Gould I'm afraid...

Don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but one of the most beautiful 
Ich ruf zu dir-moments is at the end of Tarkovsky's "Solaris":

For those interested in knowing more about this whole topic I suggest 
Wikipedia (where else):

The Busoni connection to Bach is a a very deep one, which the title 
"Busoni-Ausgabe (Klavierwerke) in 25 volumes" does show.

"Ich ruf zu dir" belongs to this group (the chaconne being the most 
famous of Busoni's arrangements of Bach):
1) Präludium und Fuge (D-Dur) für die Orgel. (BWV 532) Zum 
Konzertvorträge für Pianoforte bearbeitet. (BV B 20) (score)
    [Prelude and Fugue in D major for organ. Transcribed for concert 
2) Vier Orgelchoralvorspiele [Four Chorale Preludes for Organ] (BV B 27) 
BWV 645: Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme [Awake, the Voice commands.]
BWV 615: In dir ist Freude [In Thee is joy]
BWV 639: Ich ruf' zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ [I call to Thee, Lord Jesus 
BWV 734: Nun freut euch, lieben Christen [Rejoice, beloved Christians]
3) Chaconne for Violine allein. [Chaconne for violin solo] [from Partita 
II for Violin, BWV 1004] (BV B 24) (score)

The link to a pdf of "Ich ruf zu dir" --I'm sorry if this is duplicate 
information; it's not my intention to "steal the glory":
You need to accept the terms, but the music is in public domain.

I search this list of arrangements:
and found that there's at least nine solo piano versions of "Ich ruf zu 
dir", among them also one version by Reger.


Ps. For those interested here's a list of notable pianists who has 
recorded the Busoni transcription:
Alfred Brendel, John Browning, Nikolai Demidenko, Edwin Fischer, Samson 
Francois, Grigory Ginzburg, Percy Grainger, Vladimir Horowitz, Paul 
Jacobs, Gunnar Johansen, Dinu Lipatti, Tatiana Nikolayeva, John Ogdon, 
Murray Perahia, Egon Petri, konstantin Scherbakov, Grigory Sokolov and 
Carlo Zecchi
Who did I miss?

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