[f_minor] New book on GG

Markus Mantere Markus.Mantere at uta.fi
Thu Jan 26 03:55:23 PST 2012

Hello list,

Just a quick note that might interest some of you:

The slightly reworked book version of my PhD-dissertation on GG just got 
published by Peter Lang. Here's a link to the description of the book:


Briefly, in the book I am discussing GG's ideas of music, morality and 
ethics in three broad ideological contexts: the Canadian discourse of 
music and technology in the 1960s, the philosophical discourse (19th and 
20th century, Adorno, Benjamin, Vattimo) regarding the ontology of 
music, and finally in the hermeneutic context of the Idea(lization) of 
the North. At the end of the book, I also discuss GG's reception in 
Thomas Harris's "Hannibal trilogy" -- the Silence of the Lambs, 
Hannibal, and Hannibal Rising --, childrens' biographies, poetry, and in 
visual arts.

I very much look forward to any comments of the work in the near future. 
For review copies, there seems to be a contact on Peter Lang website.

Best regards, Markus Mantere

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