[f_minor] 25.august 1959

michael macelletti mmacelletti at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jan 21 09:41:00 PST 2012

being stranded inside on this beautiful snowy day in connecticut, i see an 
excellent opportunity to recommend a recording. it's the glenn gould salzburg 
recital ( smk 53 474 ). sweelinck, schonberg, mozart, and then the most 
astounding goldberg.  on a very acoustically live piano, ( they must have taken 
out all the carpets ),  this is a goldberg which truly soars.      inner voices, 
coming to life for the first time, make some of the variations entirely new 
pieces. additional elongations of the traditional short mordents, even newly 
composed notes ! ( a prime example is the dominant 7 th outline in the left hand 
between sections in the 16 th var. french  overture, when before only the single 
note , the dominant, appeared,  the singing lines, clarity, and incredibly 
varied speeds, ( and all this in front of a live audience !!!!  ),  make this a 
 " must hear " recording.   i'm sure it's still out there.    
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