[f_minor] NYPO Mahher 9th interrupted by cell phone

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Just imagine. Everybody's favourite Amadeus writing an entire Symphony 
based on the Nokia jingle. Or "Intel Inside" jingle. 
JS Bach could have written fugues based on the Nokia song - the Nokia quodlibets... 
It beggars the mind what middle period Ludwig van might have done with it.
As for our GG: he could have given concerts wearing a headset, 
you know, talking about some completely unrelated topic to a faraway friend
while playing Berg. Multi-tasking.


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Well I reckon that had Master Joseph Haydn lived long enough he'd have 
incorporated various well-known ringtones into his compositions...

Here's another recent cell phone transgression story:



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Subject: [f_minor] NYPO Mahher 9th interrupted by cell phone


Dear all
I read a rather amusing story today which has nothing to do 
per se with GG at first sight:
No wonder GG did not trust audiences.
Especially not these days where this sort of stuff happens 
more and more, theatre, cinema, even at funerals. How dumb, rude and ignorant 
can you be these days ? Then again how come they haven’t installed one of these 
nifty signal blockers ? Oh dear, Keith Jarrett would have had one of his 
trolling and raging fits hehe...and were he still alive this would have been a 
good argument for GG to claim that the concert performance is obsolete. At least 
from his point of view anyway.


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