[f_minor] Civil discussion requirement of membership

Mary Jo Watts mj.accounts at gmail.com
Sat Oct 8 11:40:47 EDT 2011


I started this list some 15 years ago and I can count on one hand in  
that time period when I've had to intervene in the conversation to  
remind everyone that the inspiration for this list is the morality of  
one sesitive piano player. If what you're writing would have banished  
you from Glenn Gould's circle of friends-- think 3 times before  
posting. The topic of this list is Glenn Gould. I happen to think  
there are fruitful conversations to be had about Steve Jobs and GG.  
This isn't one of them. If I have to, I will consider uninviting those  
who continue to fuel this flame war.

In case you're wondering when the last serious flame war occurred- it  
was when Princess Diana died.

Mary Jo Watts
Founder and co-listowner f_minor

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