[f_minor] 32 Short Films about Glenn Gould!?!

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Dear all

Well, well, last time I looked it was "only" round 250 USD. Given that this is a cult movie (ahem) from the mid-90s this price is truly amazing ! I bought mine for about 25 USD years ago so this might be Very Last Option if ever Total Emptiness will reign in fridge and wallet. Rest assured it will snow in hell on that desperate day, may it never come !

I was able to locate a physical copy released in 2009 in Japan for around 45 USD from Amazon Japan. I don't know how much they charge for shipping and it is unclear if this is DVD Code 1 or 4, but there are legal ways to get round that.

i also found a physical copy for a mere, ahem, 95 USD at gemm.com, the best source for rare records 

Given the fact that 2012 will be annus mirabilis for us Gouldians Sony might consider a  decent re-release with some extras.  I am looking at you, Sony Pictures, you might make a buck or two out of this instead of leaving it to sellers on ebay and "free" torrents.

I dare wait a year for a possible rerelease and see if you can locate it at ayard sale, pawn shop, library or summet like that if you are really very desperate for a physical copy. otherwise,, as has been said, iTunes or online DVD rentals might be your friend.

Not exactly cheap solutions, but I hope it helps anyway.


Am 16.09.2011 um 16:41 schrieb Cline, Eric:

> It can be downloaded from iTunes in a pan and scan format for about
> 10.00 USD. 
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> Wow, I'm surprised that's out of print but it seems it has!  What a
> shame.
> Some of the used copies on amazon are cheaper, but still expensive
> ($63 / $115)...
> http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B0000544LY/ref=dp_olp_used?ie=UTF
> 8&condition=used
> I would not fault someone for googling "32 short films glenn gould
> torrent"
> in such a case :/
> -Ed
> On Fri, Sep 16, 2011 at 8:40 AM, Stephanie Wright
> <slynnwright83 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> 32 Short Films about Glenn Gould: I lost this DVD and want to buy it
>> again...but I see that it is now listed for approximately 300 dollars
> on
>> Ebay and on Amazon?!? Wow...I am assuming it is out of print, but why
> is it
>> THIS expensive? Does anyone know of a cheaper source?
>> Stephanie

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