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The Concert Is Utterly Dead / Vive The Concert

Jorgen, Thank You for the heads up on the new releases. You are correct, these are the most important
releases to come along in a long while. Pardon my ignorance but what I understand is that these two 
compilations - the WHRA and Music and Arts - are identical...? The Music and Arts live recordings were
banned from further distribution by Sony (along with the Nuova Era releases) and are now again available
due to copyright expiration as was explained here a while ago by Brad Lehman? I recently read a 2002 
email on F Minor from a member offering various 'bootleg' Music and Arts live recordings ... as far as I
know he didn't sport a parrot on his shoulder; my question is who recorded what? Perhaps I'm simply too 
thick to understand where all of these live recordings have come from. According to Bazzana, the GG Archives
are thick with 'acetates' which GG himself wanted made in order to re-listen to his concert performances.
What is happening with these? Bazzana seems to be worried about their safety ie viability if not soon 
'transferred'. Any comments from anybody? Has anyone here been deep into the GG Archives? 

Marco, a propos Music and Arts this is what I have found:




I am utterly frustrated because at the Music&Arts site I did find the new Gould release listed under 'new sping releases' but now I can't find
it again. The Music&Arts site is a bizarre frustration. 



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