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G’day all

Mary has a brilliant idea with the webcast or podcast. And maybe Bobby McFerrin and Uri Caine could to the Evans thing (since both know quite a lot about classical music and Jazz)

Please keep the ideas flowing, no matter how weird or silly or brilliant. This is a unique chance and opportinity for us as f_minor to contribute something to an extrodrinary event. Mr Pritchard was kind enough to ask the fan community and we should take advantage of this opportunity. Don’t leave these events to the Talking Heads and self-proclaimed experts who will tell you what you will have to see and like. It’s always good to ask vox populi about their ideas and opinions. I would like to thank Mr Prichard for giving “us” this opportunity to contribute  brainstormed ideas.

You can pay tribute to Glenn Gould, give back something to the greater public, and who knows, maybe your idea will hit the stage ? so do get on with it, it is fun to see what is coming up here.

I would like to contribute another foggy idea that I had while having a smoke outside.

What about a sort of IoN by us ? Take 5 actors, give them statements to read from us written for the Stratford Festival event ? Since IoN is a Spoken Word Opera (the docudrama idea was only an excuse by GG, who in this case succeeded as a composer) this could work quite well. At least so I reckon. 

You would need, say, a Dreamer (in Ion her qeuivalent is Nurse Schroeder), a Cynic, a Realist and so on. The Opening Trio could i.e. sound like this:

Voice 1: Looking back on it this was an opportunity you only get onec in life. In 1961 when I was around 20 I saw Glenn Gould performing at a small college town in....(new voice fades in)
Voice 2:  When I was about 8 or 9 years my father used to play a lot of classical music. One day he put on this Mozart Sonata....
Voice 3: Well,  you know when I was about 14 my piano teacher mentioned Glenn Goulds’recording of The WTC....

and so on. Of course you would need someone to batch this cut-up together (which might also work for a pure radio performance). I think it is important to show how GG influenced people from around the world with various backgrounds and the effect he had on other people’s lives and how his art was recieved at the other end of the line (from performer to listener).

I know this is a bit of a Troll Idea, but I urge you to come up with something better if you feel like it. Don’t just consume, contribute, create, share ideas and enjoy !


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Well now,

Since Sir Stephen Fry has consented to be a juror for the next GG Prize perhaps he'd also consent to a lively solo reading of "Glenn Gould Interviews Glenn Gould About Glenn Gould"; Sir Stephen would do it an exquisite justice and don't forget to throw in a performance of Gould's favourite jazz pianist Bill Evans' "Conversations With Myself": 

"Glenn Gould also owned a copy of the Evans' album "Conversations With Myself" (1963). Bill overdubs himself - not once, but twice - to create an amazing and confusing stereophonic contrapuntal experience with three Bills having nice conversations together, "triple play"." 

On another note; seeing that 'the cats have fled the bags' and even gone on record (film), perhaps Christopher Foss, who is a poet, would like to read of an evening up there at your Stratford 2012... I don't think he would say no if asked politely. I hope he won't say no.

Whatever you do, Peter Taussig MUST be given as much involvement as he can support. Mr. Taussig came through on Gouldian matters when noone else could be too much bothered and he came through shining like a Mensch...  

...and to think that just a couple of days ago I was utterly bereft of ideas.

It would have been the perfect occasion to reintroduce the Stratford Steinway...but gee it's plain gone...plain gone now. Plain gone piano.




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