[f_minor] Gould 2012 Stratford / Poblete H

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Thu Mar 10 13:53:39 EST 2011


Sir, when a man is tired of F Minor he is tired of life...

Perhaps you're in need of some more Teen Spirit, I can help with that: click on the annoying hotmail quickview box above. 

If you were referring to the "dullness" of my grammatical error of a previous email - that grotesque double negative I committed - then I stand accused and shall serve my sentence in the dunce corner forthwith. Otherwise methinks there have been some lively ideas in response to John Miller's query and I hope there are more to come. 

- To Mr. John Miller,
  Whatever is decided re Stratford Summer Glenn Gould 2012, will you please consider broadcasting the entire event on the Net for those interested who simply can't get to Canada?


PS Neil, speaking of Knights and Queens etc., is there anyway to get off the planet safely for the final week of April 2011 and get back again after?      
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