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Hi Mark and all

Well, I tried gemm.com, the place where I usually go for rare record hunting. No luck there.

Keith MacMillan, first director of the label (and later working for the CBC) was interviewed by someone about his experiences with the young GG, that inerview was partly printet in a GG Newsletter. No luck there. It is my understanding that his children are still around, may I suggest you contact them ? 

The most valuable f_minor Archive mentions the record a few times, our list member myazawa-san has done some research on it, so does the National Library of Canada. But no mention of print runs, let alone value. Must be quite rare though.

In terms of print runs or value I found no indication whatsoever on the web. I fear that your questions can only be answered offline.

What I can't understand is that Record Collecting in terms of "pop music" is well organized and has become a subculture on its own, where the label, matrix number or country of origin can be as important as the artist or title but in terms of "classical" music I have as of yet failed to see this subculture.

In any case, there are still some interesting GG related items out there. Is there really a Melodya record of GG giving a lecture in Moscow ? Wew, how come CBS/Sony never released that ? I just saw a DVD of 32 going for 'round 160 USD. That is Street Robbery if you ask me. 

So some of your rare or obscure GG recordings might be worth something to someone. Good to know that, y'know with the economy and all...

Mark, could you be so kind to inform us or me if you have been able to find out something ? The scholars would appreciate it I reckon.


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Dear Mark,

  It's absolutely worthless SO PLEASE SEND IT TO ME RIGHT NOW.



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