[f_minor] GG as fave pianist/movies

Neil Tingley neil at thump.org
Sun Sep 19 01:35:22 EDT 2010

>  Who comes close, in their own way, since? I'm not that well versed in all
> this (help me out) but just from the radio I've heard some nice playing by
> Hewitt, Lortie and Ax.

Well nobody can ever replace Glenn of course.

 But Grigory Sokolov is probably the pianist whose Bach is (and much else)
is in a similar league. Alas Sokolov doesn't record much but there are many
tapes of his recitals in circulation.

Sokolov has played concerts including works of Byrd, Frohberger, Prokofiev,
Beethoven, Scriabin and lots of Bach. He's a sibling of the Gilels and Gould
pianistically.  Sokolov's Bach performances are very clean, muscular and his
command of counterpoint is unbelievable. Do look him up or if you are in
Europe, track down concerts.

There are many clips of him on youtube including a fair bit of Bach.
Sokolov's 1982 recording of the Goldbergs is the one I'd rate alongside
Gould's. Dare I say, I prefer it in some ways particularly because he does
all the repeats!
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