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Sun Sep 19 02:09:05 EDT 2010

While GG is my perennial fav for Bach, I too love Sokolov. I am particularly
fond of his Rameau and I think some Scarlatti.  Here is a link to a lovely



On Sat, Sep 18, 2010 at 10:35 PM, Neil Tingley <neil at thump.org> wrote:

>   Who comes close, in their own way, since? I'm not that well versed in
>> all this (help me out) but just from the radio I've heard some nice playing
>> by Hewitt, Lortie and Ax.
> Well nobody can ever replace Glenn of course.
>   But Grigory Sokolov is probably the pianist whose Bach is (and much
> else) is in a similar league. Alas Sokolov doesn't record much but there are
> many tapes of his recitals in circulation.
>  Sokolov has played concerts including works of Byrd, Frohberger,
> Prokofiev, Beethoven, Scriabin and lots of Bach. He's a sibling of the
> Gilels and Gould pianistically.  Sokolov's Bach performances are very clean,
> muscular and his command of counterpoint is unbelievable. Do look him up or
> if you are in Europe, track down concerts.
> There are many clips of him on youtube including a fair bit of Bach.
> Sokolov's 1982 recording of the Goldbergs is the one I'd rate alongside
> Gould's. Dare I say, I prefer it in some ways particularly because he does
> all the repeats!
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