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dear pzumst
im afraid im all teched-out
& actually almost a luddite
i still play my old records
but the funny thing about
getting older is that after
hearing pianists like
gould & tureck so many many times
the brain & the ear
brings it all back
my younger brother suggested
i buy an ipod (?)
& something i think
you mentioned
but im quite happy w/what i have
& w/what f minor has
offered me in the way of hi-tech
i had brilliant friends who
left the US when Nixon was
they taped 2 things:
my ccs of Gould vinyls &
their own jazz
he is a rather famous
west coastie jazz/poe &
my guru for many yrs

On 14 August 2010 09:29, pzumst <pzumst at bluewin.ch> wrote:

>  Hi Lynn
> good to see, ahem, older people using the Internet, too ! Not just us
> "young" lads & lasses. I salute that ! Lynn,  speaking of technology, I
> don't know if you are aware of this but my copy of Turecks GBs from Deutsche
> Grammophon is enhanced by a thingy called CDplus score. Just pop the CD in
> your computer and you will be able to follow her score. I for one can't read
> scales but I reckon you might enjoy that....
> Another note to the IoN thing:
> About 10 years ago when "Multimedia CD-Rom" was the buzzword, there were
> plans for a GG Multimedia CD. At least to my memory it was never commercialy
> available, but some of you have test copies. One of the features was that
> you were able to "remix" the intro of IoN to your own taste with the knobs
> of a vintage car radio. Very gouldiann I reckon !
> Pat
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> Greetings
> As I'm well past 60 & spent
> 8 yrs getting 2 degrees in music
> & "discovered" GG
> during the Nixon administration
> (the only good thing i can
> think of regarding tricky)
> prior to that there was no
> Bach interpreter other than
> Tureck
> Bach & Tureck went together
> like salt & pepper
> i had the records & she was
> my muse until Gould came
> on the scene
> there was not anyone else
> associated w/bach
> not in new york or cincinnati
> anyway
> Tureck was my model as
> i was growing up & later
> as a teacher it was
> GG all the way
> w/a bit here & there of Tureck
> This has been a wonderful
> conversation!
> Lynne Ittlemam
> On 13 August 2010 20:57, <RubatoM at aol.com> wrote:
>> *Hi,
>> I have gotten intensely interested in Rosalyn Tureck.  Until recently I
>> could see her on YouTube, but now our service is screwed up.  It's as bad as
>> the old dial up of a decade ago.  At any rate, I noticed that the clips of
>> her playing were presented by a company called "vaimusic.com".  I knew
>> nothing about them, so I Googled them (that still works!) and found that
>> they have all sorts of lovely stuff, including two DVD's of RT.  One of them
>> (rather pricey) is of a concert that she gave in Moscow in the mid-80's.  I
>> play to buy them.
>> RT playing the Adagio section of Bach's "Italian Concerto" is lovely
>> beyond believing.  That piece is one that I've played around with for years,
>> but never paid much attention to it.  NOW I know what I missed.  Holy Lord,
>> what beauty.
>> Many thanks for the tip that led to find it.
>> Regards,
>> Anita*
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> Tatiana Gehtopfskaya,
> Prima Donna Assoluta
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Tatiana Gehtopfskaya,
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