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Hi Lynn
good to see, ahem, older people using the Internet, too ! Not just us "young" lads & lasses. I salute that ! Lynn,  speaking of technology, I don't know if you are aware of this but my copy of Turecks GBs from Deutsche Grammophon is enhanced by a thingy called CDplus score. Just pop the CD in your computer and you will be able to follow her score. I for one can't read scales but I reckon you might enjoy that....

Another note to the IoN thing:
About 10 years ago when "Multimedia CD-Rom" was the buzzword, there were plans for a GG Multimedia CD. At least to my memory it was never commercialy available, but some of you have test copies. One of the features was that you were able to "remix" the intro of IoN to your own taste with the knobs of a vintage car radio. Very gouldiann I reckon !


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As I'm well past 60 & spent
8 yrs getting 2 degrees in music
& "discovered" GG
during the Nixon administration
(the only good thing i can
think of regarding tricky)
prior to that there was no 
Bach interpreter other than
Bach & Tureck went together
like salt & pepper
i had the records & she was
my muse until Gould came
on the scene
there was not anyone else
associated w/bach
not in new york or cincinnati
Tureck was my model as
i was growing up & later
as a teacher it was
GG all the way
w/a bit here & there of Tureck
This has been a wonderful
Lynne Ittlemam

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  I have gotten intensely interested in Rosalyn Tureck.  Until recently I could see her on YouTube, but now our service is screwed up.  It's as bad as the old dial up of a decade ago.  At any rate, I noticed that the clips of her playing were presented by a company called "vaimusic.com".  I knew nothing about them, so I Googled them (that still works!) and found that they have all sorts of lovely stuff, including two DVD's of RT.  One of them (rather pricey) is of a concert that she gave in Moscow in the mid-80's.  I play to buy them.

  RT playing the Adagio section of Bach's "Italian Concerto" is lovely beyond believing.  That piece is one that I've played around with for years, but never paid much attention to it.  NOW I know what I missed.  Holy Lord, what beauty.

  Many thanks for the tip that led to find it.


Tatiana Gehtopfskaya,
Prima Donna Assoluta


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