[f_minor] intriducing my Glenn Gould request

Valentine Goby valentine.goby at gmail.com
Sat Aug 14 08:36:55 EDT 2010

Robert Merkins advised me to write to you in order to introduce a request
that you might have heard of through his own website and mailing list.
I am Valentine Goby, a French novelist. I am in search of a transcript, in
French or in English, of Glenn Gould The idea of North, that would allow me
to isolate the different voices.
I was forwarded the prologue, it is a beginning but it is only a short part
of it !
The CBC Archives offered me to listen to the audio-documentary itself, but I
need the separate voices. I also contacted the French Public radio Network,
France Culture, since they broadcasted in 2008 a program entitled "Une idée
du Nord", after Glenn Gould documentary, a version entirely translated from
the original. Unfortunately, there seem to be no written script, which is
very astoninshing... the translators, Benoît Giros and Blandine Pélissier,
are themselves unreachable (by me at least, I found email adresses but I
have had no answer yet...).
I heard you might be of some help...
Would you ?
I would be so grateful.
Sincerely yours
Valentine Goby
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