[f_minor] If Your Big Sister Is Rosalyn Tureck

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Fri Aug 13 20:57:46 EDT 2010


I have gotten intensely interested in Rosalyn Tureck.   Until recently I 
could see her on YouTube, but now our service is screwed up.   It's as bad as 
the old dial up of a decade ago.   At any rate, I noticed that the clips of 
her playing were presented by a company called "vaimusic.com".   I knew 
nothing about them, so I Googled them (that still works!) and found that they 
have all sorts of lovely stuff, including two DVD's of RT.   One of them 
(rather pricey) is of a concert that she gave in Moscow in the mid-80's.   I play 
to buy them.

RT playing the Adagio section of Bach's "Italian Concerto" is lovely beyond 
believing.   That piece is one that I've played around with for years, but 
never paid much attention to it.   NOW I know what I missed.   Holy Lord, 
what beauty.

Many thanks for the tip that led to find it.

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