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DJ Were-Panda vnvlain at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 06:57:57 EDT 2010

Hello everyone, I do want to clarify a few things about Facebook, since,
like anything, is a powerful tool that can be used for both benign and
malignant purposes, but this is no different than our actions and decisions
that we make throughout our lives.

You can reveal as much or as little on Facebook as you choose.  I do have a
 Facebook page, and my group of friends on FB are people whom I have met for
an extended period of time (via school or work).  I do not post my mailing
address, telephone numbers or any other "physical" manifestations of myself
on FB.  I do use the group/page features from FB to get updates from my
favorite bands, discount flights, and general updates from various
charitable organizations like Doctors Without Borders.  I also stiffened my
privacy features by hiding my profile from public searches, blocking posts
from silly games like Mafia Wars and Farmville, and blocking requests from
people that I have met but have no interest in maintaining contact.

I of course, don't believe that FB is a substitute for real human contact,
and yes, updates from certain Facebook users may be silly and often vapid,
but otherwise it is a wonderful tool for keeping in touch with old friends
(as stated by another poster).  I have received a few unsolicited friend
requests throughout the years, and I simply reject and block them in a blink
of an eye.

Rebuttal aside, I don't think the F Minor forum would be effective as a
Facebook Group/Page, because this isn't an event driven forum.  FB
Group/Page is great for getting time critical info out to followers, but not
really meant for discussions like the ones we generally have on this list.

The nettiquette on list servers in general is that attachments are
discouraged because of the potential load on the server to have to duplicate
and redistribute something that could potentially be quite large to a large
number of people.

In the future, maybe we can migrate to something of an online forum system
(just not FB).  However, I feel the need quell some of the rather heated
posts from an otherwise fairly peaceful online Gouldian retreat.

Cheers, DJ Were-Panda
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