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forum? fiy this is just an "ancient" mailing list system, forums (vbulletin, phpbb, etc.) are totally different and surely a lot more technological platforms...as I already written in private to some f _minor members I always wondered why GG still hasn't his own forum instead an old-fashioned and very limited (technologically talking) mailing list system that due to its own limits most of the time appears to be more like a ghost list....

never say never... ;)



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  Ms. Jensen, how old are you?  Your opinion of Facebook reminds me of numerous AARP members who over the years have vocalized their disdain for whatever new form of technology has flooded market.  I happen to like Facebook.  It's a technological trend that I am embracing and using to my advantage.  I'm just curious if you thought everyone would agree with you because this forum is supposed to be a group of serious intellectuals who look down upon childish trends, or if you were looking to pick a fight with an ignorant Rock 'n Roll Gould fan such as myself?  Oh well, never mind, after all this is a Glenn Gould forum, not a technology forum, and as we all know, GG had absolutely no interest in stupid technological trends...

  Miranda Carnessale

  P.S. If you are so paranoid about privacy don't put anything on the internet you don't want anyone to know about.  
  If you are worried about being part of the 'mass hypnosis' delete all your internet accounts and donate your computer and cell phone to charity. 

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  Dear Dominico Scarlatti; absolutely nothing personal intended. Don't get your knickers in such a twist over my honest comments. I have yet to see anyone willing to confront a firing squad in defence of 'Facebook' and I hope I never will ...

  Mary Jensen

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