[f_minor] gould video that I have never seen

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There's an almost identical photo of Gould with the glass and scrugs (as I
was brought up to call fingerless gloves in Tasmania) yet sans Krips in the
large format book Images of Music by the photographer Erich Auerbach. It may
be well and truly out of print now. Yes I've often wondered whether the Beeb
broadcast and kept tapes of the first four Beethoven concerti with Krips.
Mind you this was where Marriner met Gould as he was then concertmaster of
the LSO prior to forming the Academy of St Martins in the Fields. 



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That is ONE FINE MOMENT. Thanks for unearthing it Katherine.
I twiddled around on the ITNSOURCE site but came up with
absolutely nothing, I was hoping to find the complete clip. The
interview must have taken place when Gould was playing Beethoven
with Josef Krips:


  Gould succumbed to an acute case of "Emperoritis" and cancelled 
the performance. What ever happened to the BBC performances 
made that same year?

Mary Jensen  


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