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 "I take a powder right after
 a concert because I have 
this kook contingent who follow me from place to place, and some of them
 are really teetering on the balance." 
- Glenn Gould

  "Take a 
powder" is old slang for leave quickly, disappear, get away fast. 

 I recently sent the following to another member of this List:
(Wondrous Strange) quotes Gould's unsent
 'personal ad' on pages 321, 322, "Wanted: Friendly, companionably 
reclusive, alcoholically abstemious, tirelessly talkative, ..." etc etc 
which ends with the address "Avalon Peninsula, Nfld." BUT in Mesaros' book
 the same 'personal ad' is quoted on pages 341,342 with the address: 
"Anaton Penisslow Nfld." Can you believe that? I'm afraid that the 
Freudian Dr. Mesaros made an erroneous Big Penis out of a geographical feature and Gould's notoriously tricky handwriting: 
 From Avalon Peninsula to Anaton Penisslow! 
More than most I love anagrams, wordplay, double-entendre, homophones,
The London Daily Telegraph cryptic crossword and I can assure you that
Mesaros is a clumsy wordsmith at best - howlers ahoy matey.
 Mesaros really needed a proofreader and a fact checker. Another case in 
point is an entry in a Gould 'notebook' quoted on pages 349,350,351 in 
Bazzana and pages 340,341 in Mesaros. Mesaros states that the text concerned Gould's feelings for Cornelia Foss (although her name never appears) BUT Bazzana 
states that the text is from a Gould 'notebook' dated 1980. 
Bazzana doesn't use conjecture, he states a fact, a date and doesn't presume to know who Gould was scribbling about. Sure - let's talk about Mesaros' book, by all means.


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