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        This is simply too much to be believed. Two whole days without a
single message from F_Minor? My favorite group of chatterboxes? My computer
must be disconnected. Someone, please, is the server down? Have I been
excommunicated? I've eMailed myself (just so I have something to look
forward to when I get home from the office,) and I got my post just fine...
so where is everybody? Do we just need a topic? Here's one:
        Why didn't Glenn Gould ever go on the Muppet Show? I'm completely
serious here, I really think he would have loved every minute of it. Think
of it, Glenn loved communicating with kids, he had a bizarre talent (?) for
acting and mimicry, and he adored being on television. The Muppet Show was
a mildly avant-garde musical variety show with a droll sense of humor and a
history of respectable guests like Rudolf Nureyev, Phyllis George,
Jean-Pierre Rampal, Victor Borge (ok, maybe not too respectable,) Pearl
Bailey, heck, it was great! Can't you just see him preaching counterpoint
to a bunch of blue-green hand puppets? Gould was *made* to be a guest host
on the Muppet Show, and yet it never happened. Was it because they already
had Liberace on once? Maybe it was because they filmed it in London. I'm
sure they would have worked around his fear of traveling, why didn't he
ask? Surely he must have loved Rolf, the classically untrained
piano-playing pooch, with his humble and misplaced "I'm no Heifetz, but I
get by." And who could resist Fozzie Bear's total inability to carry off a
gag - I think Glenn would have spiritually bonded with Fozzie! If things
didn't go well, he could always retreat to the balcony and crack wise with
the old geezers Statler & Waldorf.
        All told, one of my greatest vicarious regrets for Glenn Gould is
that he never did the Muppet Show. To steal a lyric from the opening theme,
it would have been "the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational,


"For centuries man lived in the belief that truth was slim and elusive and
that once he found it the troubles of mankind would be over. And here we
are in the closing decades of the 20th century, choking on truth."
-Ernest Becker