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GG release-SMK 5269

Hi! I was wondering if anyone might help a neophyte Gouldian with several
questions. First, the last three newest releases I've acquired all have a
sticker denoting them as "Vol. 8". Vol. 8 of what exactly?? I have many of
the others in the familiar "Glenn Gould Collection" series on Sony
Classical but none are denoted as "volumes" as far as I can tell. Are these
volumes of "unreleased gould" as all three contain some of the same? Are
there more to follow? Will the well oneday run dry? :-(... Also, was
wondering if anyone has some observations on the difference Gould being
involved with this new release, SMK 5269 that I purchased today, of his
string quartet has when played against the other 1990 recording on the
"Composer" disc. Am forming my own aural impressions as we speak but would
love to hear of other folk's opinions. Thanx so much! P.S.--I would also,
re the post today, be interested in any information as to Gould posters,
quality prints, etc. if anyone has any leads. B.P.