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GG:On/Off the Record

        As the newly-designated representative of the cyberspatially
challenged Ms. Mary Lause of Ohio (a long-time lurker by way of printouts
sent via snail mail,) I would like to relay to you her announcement that
"GG: On the Record and Off the Record" will be broadcast on the A&E network
on Sunday morning, March 30 as part of their "Breakfast With the Arts"
program. I am not sure if the broadcast is regional to Ohio or national,
but you may want to check your local listings. For those unable to catch
the broadcast, I will add of my own accord that after a bothersome delay,
Kultur began shipping copies of "On/Off" two weeks ago (finally!) The tape
quality of this repackaging and re-release is great, and it's available for
a measly $19.95.
        Also, Ms. Lause is seeking parties with copies of the following GG
releases who would be willing to make all-expense-paid dubs of the
recordings for her (Responses may be posted or mailed to me.)

Glenn Gould/Karajan; Bach, Beethoven, Schonberg, Prokofiev, Strauss.
Memories label, MEM 4415, (also released through) Music & Arts Programs of
America, CD-678, 1991.
Glenn Gould/Karajan; Beethoven Cto. #3 in CMin, Op. 37; Nuova Era label,
013.6323, 1987.

GG/Mitropolous; Bach, Cto. #1 in DMin, BWV 1052; Schoenberg Cto., Op. 42;
(Live recording 3/16 and 8/10/58) Nuova Era label, 013.6306, 1987.

GG/Mitropolous; GG: In Memorium; Bruno Walter Society release, OZ-7567-BS, 1983

GG/Mitropolous; GG: In Memorium II; Bruno Walter Society release,
OZ-7604-BZ, 1984

GG/Stokowski; Beethoven Cto. #5 (Emperor); COL ML 6288/MS6888 (vinyl only,
I think)

Best Regards,

P.S.- Mary also had a question about the painting behind Gould on the Sony
videos #'s 7 & 17; it is a painting of a woman, flowing hair, eyes closed
and head back. Bluish background, big-time chiaroscuro, looks
Pre-Raphaelite, could be based on the Ophelia story. Anyone (Joseph?) know
anything about this painting?


"Yeah, well uhhh, I can relate to what you're sayin', man, but like, not
with any negative vibes, yuh know, cuz' as far as I'm concerned, when
you're dealin' with uh, middle Mozart there, you go mainly for the
beats..."      -Theo Slutz