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GG: Symposium May 17, 1997

Here's the information I promised.  More details can be found in the
upcoming Spring issue of _GlennGould_ (the magazine), and from the contacts
listed below.

This year's symposium on Glenn Gould being held May 17, 1997 in San Francisco.

The highlight this year is the publication of Dr. Peter Ostwald's
psychobiography ... entitled _Glenn Gould: The Ecstasy and Tragedy of

Dr. Ostwald, who was a psychiatrist, and his wife, Lise Deschamps-Ostwald,
were both performing musicians and friends of Gould's.  Ms.
Deschamps-Ostwald will talk about her husband's book at the symposium.

The other speakers are:

Humphrey Burton, who will present his conversations with Glenn Gould,
produced in 1966 for the BBC;

Dr. Timothy Maloney, head of the Music Division at the National Library of
Canada.  He'll give a talk about the interdisciplinary relationship between
Gould, Marshall McLuhan and Northop Frye;

Kevin Bazzana, musicologist and editor of _GlennGould_.  He'll be speaking
about his upcoming book; and

Dr. Frank Wilson, who will discuss Gould's hands and neurological issues
associated with the troubles Gould experienced with his hands in the mid

Kevin mentioned a presentation of films and other media as well.  The whole
event will probably last 6 to 8 hours.

Apparently, registrants for this event will receive a free copy of Dr.
Ostwald's book.

I've e-mailed the organizers for more details, and will post the info as
soon as I can.

Otherwise, if you'd like to get in touch with the organizers yourself,
here's the contact information:

San Francisco Performances
500 Sutter Street, Ste. 710
San Francisco, CA  94102

Fax: (415) 398-6439

e-mail:	75607.3537@compuserve.com


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