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Re: [F_minor] GG at TIFF

I, as other F_minor members and fellow Gouldians, await the release of the GG Collection series on DVD.
Penny: is the GGF active in persuading Sony to do this (as I am
sure there will be many people who would like to have these)?

Also, what about the release of other footage of Glenn Gould on film or video? from CBC? from Sony?
Are they at the Library of Canada? I know there are a slew of tapes there, but any progress on digitizing those tapes and having them available for the public to see?  Be nice to know about any of these endeavors.
In a message dated 09/16/09 23:02:23 Central Daylight Time, vnvlain@gmail.com writes:
Thank you Penny for the review. :)

That's really good news...I'm glad they are releasing the film on DVD.  Too bad the city I live in won't show such a film...

I'm still waiting for Sony Classical to release their GG Collection series on DVD.  My guess is that it probably won't happen but one can only hope.

Regards, Theresa

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