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[F_minor] Off topic: Rubinstein Collection

Dear Group,
please forgive me for the off-topic post; I think some of You could be interested in this story (maybe members of the group are members of other groups, too, for example of the Richter- or Fiorentino-groups - like me).
So, this summer I bought a beautyful exemplar of the RCA Mammouth-Set of the "Complete Rubinstein Collection" (containing 94 CDs in a massive "Limited Edition" Box) on ebay. It is really in beutyful condition, just some of the discs has a very few hairlines which are inevitable when using the CDs. A hardcovered book with biography and a complete discography regarding all of his commercially released recordings is included in the set (as some concert performances, like the Chopin Concert 1964 oct. 1. released on Revelation -, too).
For financial reasons due to problems in my family (my Father died some months ago) I decided to sell it.
The box is not available more from the usual sources, I found it temporally on www.amazon.de for 2450 â (- about 3550 $). I bought it for the same price at ebay, but I can offer it for less.
If someone is interested in it, please send me a private mail to mariassygergely@yahoo.co.uk and I can send photos, too.
Best regards,
MÃriÃssy Gergely