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Re: [F_minor] GG in Simpsons?

Fellow minorites
I found a few more references to GG in pop culture
About 2 years back an insurance company up in Germany used the Aria from the Goldbergs as background music for one of their ads. I cant remember the name of the insurance company or wether they used a GG recording. If my memory starts to kick back in I will let you know.
Legendary german "band" Einstürzende Neubauten have a track on their latest CD called "I kissed Glenn Gould".
Those of us who grew up in the 80s subcultures will fondly remember EN for making a lot of noise. Literally.
Nowdays they have calmed down a bit, due to aging I reckon.
Dutch music comedian Hans Liberg did a GG pastiche in one of his solo programs. I still owe the list a link of said performance and shall let you know once I found it.
As I have said GG rererences in pop culture are rare. Which I find strange, GG would be a perfect subject to be adopted by pop culture.
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You are probably aware of this one, but there is an homage to Glenn Gould in the film "the Triplets of Belleville."

It's a scene in a Paris nightclub where a Gould-esque character comes on stage and plays a jazzy version of a Bach prelude. 

What else have you found?