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[F_minor] GG Gets Watch - A Succint Explanation

 To The List members:

  This must be cleared up. My message of  April 8th, 2009 "GG Gets Watch/F Minor"
was not meant for The List, it was meant for someone in particular with whom I have 
remained in contact after a chance meeting at "Glenn Gould, The Sounds of Genius"
show at Ottawa. I would have thought that the personal nature of the message would
have been immediately apparent - not to mention the "off topic" nature of what I wrote.
For "GG Gets Watch" please go to:


  Once aware that a personal message had been erroneously addressed to The List (mind you I live in Europe and it was 03:30) I did my best to avoid its publication but to no avail. 
Once aware of the situation M.J.Watts tried to help but really there was nothing for it.
That is the very nature of the Net - speed.
  I contacted Mr. Lehman at his personal email address to explain what had
transpired, as M.J.Watts and I had agreed that the matter should not become "a forum"
issue - as it wasn't meant to be in the first place.
  Then things became long and drawn out because my computer was infected by the
Win32 Trojan-gen (Other) virus/worm and I was out of business for nearly 2 weeks 
before having to be reformatted. 
 Take it for what you will, as hackneyed as it presents itself to an audience it was never
meant to address.
  My hope is that new List members send in queries and comments and articles without
a second thought BUT the archives of F Minor are a terrific source of information.

Authenticity is ultimately in the ear of the listener. Nabokov insisted on a certain
feeling one has in one's spine (while reading). Gould wrote of that involuntary laugh
of pleasure (and shake of the head). I get that when listening to Gould. 
Gould is plenty authentic to my ear and that's what matters to me. I don't find
the need to choose between "the slide rule and the gut bucket".
 Fred Houpt wrote: 
"GG is always at his core looking for insights and ways to embrace 
the joys of the composition.  No one has really complained about 
his performances of any music as pedestrian and just like anyone else's."   I'll up the ante. Gould knew sublime, felt it in his bones and got there often.  

Mary Jensen

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