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[F_minor] Something Old and Something Blue/Grey

No "poisson d'avril" this:

  Anyone who has not had the opportunity to read one of Gould's published articles
 is invited to "Streisand as Schwartzkopf" - reprinted in full - at the following address:


 This is the only of Gould's many delightful observations and reflections (published as
a collection "The Glenn Gould Reader") that I have come across on the Web, if it has
been cited here before then sorry but perhaps for anyone just coming in it will be of
interest. At 'Soho The Dog' the "never was" collaboration has featured in a questionnaire
from which this: 4. Name a piece you're glad Glenn Gould never played. 

  "Glenn accompanies Barbra Streisand in Saint-Saens’ "Mon coeur ouvre à ta voix.""
  For more fun and excitement proceed to Soho The Dog August 2007. 

  Something blue/grey:
  Katherine Papademas recently signalled a portrait of Glenn Gould painted by
Cornelia Foss in 2008 which I viewed via Bob Merkin. The pose is immediately
recognizable as being from a Hunstein photograph taken in 1974. The following commentary from Leonard Bernstein came to mind: "Take as a totem, as an
example, the cold, this tremendous relationship he had with the cold, and follow
that through. That somebody who would be that fearful of the cold, and at such
odds with it, at war with it all the time, should then have gone to seek it out and
find magical - and maybe even curative - powers in the kind of coldness, the
extremes of cold that you and I never even experienced--Okay. I loved him 
very much. And I'm sorry that our relationship stopped, when it did, but it
was certainly not of my doing." That's from Otto Friedrich's book. 

Mary Jensen



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