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Re: [F_minor] Something Old and Something Blue/Grey

Thank you, Mary, for sharing this.  I read it years ago but thoroughly
enjoyed it again.

Anne French

On Tue, Mar 31, 2009 at 11:16 PM, maryellen jensen <
maryellenjensen28@hotmail.com> wrote:

> No "poisson d'avril" this:
>  Anyone who has not had the opportunity to read one of Gould's published
> articles
>  is invited to "Streisand as Schwartzkopf" - reprinted in full - at the
> following address:
> http://www.barbra-archives.com/MagazineArchives/streisand_highfidelity76.html
>  This is the only of Gould's many delightful observations and reflections
> (published as
> a collection "The Glenn Gould Reader") that I have come across on the Web,
> if it has
> been cited here before then sorry but perhaps for anyone just coming in it
> will be of
> interest. At 'Soho The Dog' the "never was" collaboration has featured in a
> questionnaire
> from which this: 4. Name a piece you're glad Glenn Gould never played.
>  "Glenn accompanies Barbra Streisand in Saint-Saens’ "Mon coeur ouvre à ta
> voix.""
>  For more fun and excitement proceed to Soho The Dog August 2007.
>  Something blue/grey:
>  Katherine Papademas recently signalled a portrait of Glenn Gould painted
> by
> Cornelia Foss in 2008 which I viewed via Bob Merkin. The pose is
> immediately
> recognizable as being from a Hunstein photograph taken in 1974. The
> following commentary from Leonard Bernstein came to mind: "Take as a totem,
> as an
> example, the cold, this tremendous relationship he had with the cold, and
> follow
> that through. That somebody who would be that fearful of the cold, and at
> such
> odds with it, at war with it all the time, should then have gone to seek it
> out and
> find magical - and maybe even curative - powers in the kind of coldness,
> the
> extremes of cold that you and I never even experienced--Okay. I loved him
> very much. And I'm sorry that our relationship stopped, when it did, but it
> was certainly not of my doing." That's from Otto Friedrich's book.
> Mary Jensen
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