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[F_minor] Gould talks Bach auf Deutsch

Given Gould's apparent ability to recognize regional accents, it is amazing
that he never mastered a foreign language (correct me if I'm wrong). 
This brings me to the following question:
Does anyone know where I can listen to bits of Gould's German-language lecture
on Bach? He wrote it in English and had it translated – I recall hearing it on
German radio years ago and mirthfully imitating his Germlish with a friend.

I know the speech is available on a special CD in the German translation of
Kevin Bazzana's book. I’d love to hear a few seconds of it – even something as
brief as an Amazon.de preview (no luck there, also no luck on the publisher's
website) – just to determine how good/bad the accent really is. 

Vielen Dank,

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