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Re: [F_minor] Keith Jarrett's Goldberg Variations

I'd say Jarrett's performance on that recording is above average, but monochromatic. He plays it like an excellent musician (which he is) who unfortunately doesn't understand the instrument's range of expressive techniques.

Brad Lehman

Robert Merkin wrote:
From the CD collection of my POOSSLQ, I just listened, for the first time,
to Keith Jarrett's Goldberg Variations, on harpsichord described as

Harpsichord (1988) by Tatsuo Takahashi
(Double manual Italian/German style)

I'd be really interested in what this bunch thinks/feels about this
recording, about Jarrett, about the harpsichord, and, if anyone has special
knowledge or gossip, about this particular instrument or instrument-maker.
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