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[F_minor] a somewhat off-topic question

Two questions, actually.

1) Do you enjoy atonal and, specifically, serialist music?
2) Do you have perfect pitch?

I ask this because I mentioned to a coworker that I am working on a 12-tone
composition and he expressed his surprise that I can conceptualize and,
indeed, enjoy this kind of music.For him, he explained, music functions in
terms of intervals, harmonic progressions, etc. For me, OTOH, the specific
identity of each note (I have perfect pitch) tends to take precedence (this
can actually be a bit of a nuisance sometimes, as I occasionally will get
caught up playing a name-the-note game with myself when I really just want
to listen to the music). I then realized that of the two other people I've
met who really enjoyed serialist music, both also had perfect pitch. So did
GG and Schoenberg himself. So I am tentatively thinking that there might be
a correlation, but I'd like more data points to add to my (admittedly very
unscientific) study :).



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